Is There an Ideal Female Breast Size?


When it comes to female breast size and cup size, a lot of women would opt for breast augmentation, especially for breast size increase. However, many of them do not realize that their bust is not small at all but rather considered as average. Actually, only few female have very small or big sizes. So, you could be wondering if your breast is of average size.

Usually, the female breast size that is considered to be average, which is not too small or not too big, means having cups C or B with regards to the cup and band size. Size D and DD often refer to very big bosom while A and AA are categorized as very small cup sizes. Based on studies conducted, only one percent of women have DD size, 10% with D, 28% with C, 44% with B, 15% with A, and only two percent with AA. Most women have 34B cup size while the average breast weighs around half a kilogram.

Size B is clearly considered the average because it is a higher number than other bust sizes. Also, 34B is now becoming the common female breast size among Asian women. If you are considering breast size increase, there are a number of influences and factors that can contribute to this. For one thing, plastic surgery has become popular. It could be both synthetic and natural breast growth methods.

As mentioned, there are several factors that can affect the female breast size, such as pregnancy and weight gain. If you are one of those who have trouble increasing your bust size, you can resort to breast implants, diet that involves breast lift cream, specific exercise, and other natural breast enhancement methods. It is a common knowledge these days that females with smaller bosoms are often considered by many to be less attractive that those who have average breast size.

Breast sizes can be affected by age, weight, height, hormones, genes and breastfeeding. Technically, the most crucial one will be the genes that dictates breast sizes and other body features. Shorter women usually have smaller breasts compared to taller women. The same thing also with females who are heavier than others. This is often attributed to the lack of sufficient amount of fat tissues that lead to bigger breasts. That is why, females who are underweight may be less endowed also because most of the breast is made up of fat tissues.

However, not everyone can relate to this because not all female are similarly affected by the same factor because each of them are unique. You will notice that some smaller size women have bigger busts and heavier females could have smaller breasts. learn more about breasts at


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